Monday, September 9, 2013

Coping with chronic medical conditions

Have been diagnosed with a medical condition such as diabetes, Meniere’s, asthma, or anything else, you must learn to live with them.

You are not your medical condition. You are who you are. By doing the most you can via diet, exercise, proper sleep, and attitude you can live with anything.

The point is to remain as healthy as possible so that whatever your medical condition may be, it isn’t the one thing that occupies your time and thoughts more than your life.

I know published authors with disabilities, yet still manage to write books. The desire and attitude are what count not the physical body, and how dedicated you are to the craft.

Self-motivation is the key. Most writers have self-doubt now and then; authors work through it and complete their book.

Don’t compare yourself to others, even medical conditions. You are unique, over time you will learn how to deal with whatever life throws your way. Do you remember the saying, “into each life, a little rain must fall”?
That is what it’s all about; learning to cope with whatever comes your way.

Depending on what you need to cope with from a medical standpoint, you might need frequent breaks, eat several small meals, take medications, or whatever you need  to do to remain as healthy as possible so you can work on your book.

Write on and learn to live with it.

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