Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What are the characteristics of a freelance writer?

The main characteristics of the freelance writer are the ability to park his or her ego at the door, a huge amount of patience and perseverance. Without theses character traits, you won’t last long in the freelance writing business.

If you plan to operate a one-person operation you will need to learn about business plans, marketing, accounting, promoting, diversifying your writing, production techniques, and a personnel department all rolled into one. Isn’t that fun to contemplate?

As a freelance writer, you are at the mercy of the client. You may write the best copy, but the client may think he knows better and you might be rewriting the piece many times, possibly making it something that you know is bad, now you must be a diplomat while you try to convince the client that what you wrote is good. Since freelance writing is a service business, the client is always right. Even if you know better, the client’s word is the final say. You’ll find this with editors also.

Now you know why you need to leave your ego at the door. If you don’t, you could lose jobs and have a reputation as someone not to give assignments to write. You’ll wonder what is wrong and why you aren’t getting writing jobs and will not know.
Remember that rewrites are part of the game. If you take it personally, you are in trouble. Just remember that the client has the last word and you’ll do fine.

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