Friday, October 9, 2009

My interview of Ocotber 8, 2009 on Blogtalk Radio

Linda Leon was kind enough to offer me a half hour spot on her Blogtalk Radio show where we discussed editing.

I believe the show was informative and also allowed me to offer some insights to listeners about some of the common errors seen in manuscripts.

The recording is posted on the right-hand side of this blog so that you may listen to the show. I hope you enjoy the recording as much as I did being the guest on Linda's show.

I am considering creating a station of my own to discuss writing, freelance writing, and editing on Blogtalk Radio. I just don not know how well it will do.

I found the experience on Linda's show to be time well spent and hope that there are many listeners, and they got something out of the program.

The things I took away from this guest appearance on Linda Leon's show about writing is a wonderful way to disseminate information about the subject of editing that was discussed with Linda, depending on the listeners at the time. The show was recorded and archived for those that could not make the show time. This also allowed me to promote my editing services, and my website.

I would like to make my show more of a Q&A then just me talking. I would also like to find the right guests to talk about writing.

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