Saturday, November 27, 2010

Edit before submission

As a professional reviewer I find that many books crossing my desk are in need of editing for simple errors such as word choice, verb tense, verb subject agreement, spelling, and punctuation.

When writing a story, the author is too close to the piece to notice errors in the manuscript. A second pair of eyes is always good to check for any possible error such as writing about something in a time period when the item mentioned hadn’t been invented yet. Facts need to be precise.

When the author receives their copy of a book, they should look at the formatting closely. Review copies I have received have had many formatting error is spacing, possible typos, and more. Any formatting errors should be brought to the attention of the printing house and corrected.

Errors in books by new authors reflect on the author and not the printer. With more authors opting for self publishing this becomes more of a problem. Nothing yells amateur and self published as do errors because the author didn’t have someone edit the manuscript or check the book for any errors before the book goes on sale.
We all know that you only get one chance to make a first impression. What do you want that impression to say; accomplished or amateur? It is up to the author to create a quality manuscript and a quality book for the reader to experience.

Ultimately, the book is the author’s responsibility. Many publishing houses no longer have editors, proofreaders, and people double checking as in years past.

In today’s book publishing industry the author is also responsible for marketing their book. Do you want to market something to be proud of or just something with your name on it?

Be sure that all of your writing is the best you can make it and edit it before it is submitted for publication. Your readers will appreciate the added effort.

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