Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Writing a Calling or a Hobby?

Which is it for you?

When writing is a calling, it is like art with an almost spiritual.

When writing is a calling, you are willing to dedicate the time, effort, and dedication to honing the art in your hands as any artist does.

When writing is a calling, you spend time improving, learning, taking classes, and reading to become a better writer.

When writing is a calling, you have to spend time writing, because when you are away from writing you feel lost.

When writing is a calling, you always have a notebook and something to write with everyday and you take notes for possible stories.

When writing is a calling, you write something every day.

I feel that writing is a calling that you have to answer. It is something that when you are away too long something from within pulls you back and you have to stare at a blank page until you come up with something. It could be something you saw, a clipping you saved, a note, or something from within that crowds your mind forcing you to put something down be it an article, short story, novel, memoir or whatever is within.

It calls and you answer because you have no choice. It is writing that is front and center, not being a bestselling author, or seeing your name in print.
When writing is a calling, it is all about the writing, and nothing else.

Robert J Medak
Freelance writer/Editor/Reviewer


Stuart Aken said...

Definitely a calling for me. A compulsion, to the extent that I actually feel unwell if I don't do some writing at some time during a week, preferably every day. Sounds odd, no doubt, but those who write because they have to will understand this. I also, fortunately, love the art and craft of writing.

Rebeca said...

It's a calling. Although there are days that I get busy with other aspects of writing--mostly research and reading other peoples booking, noting what makes their voices so distinctive.