Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Obituary for Writers

I read an article titled Facts, 360 B.C.-A.D. 2012 in the website of the ChicagoTribune.

Facts are important when writing, so are places, and timelines.

Readers of articles and books may know something about the time, place, and more written about. A reader may live in a place mentioned, this happened to a book I read for review. The author was writing about my hometown, I have seen the same thing on television shows.

When writing, always check your facts with more than one source. Be careful when checking facts on the internet, they may not always be correct. This is where a trip to your local library and talking with your librarian come into play.

When in college and taking a course in political science, if we used statistics or quotes, we had to name the source and the instructor would check them to make sure we were correct. Always spend the time to fact check as part of the editing process.

Readers deserve the best writing the author is capable of, this means quality, and part of quality is to insure that anything mentioned in the article or story is as correct as possible through multiple sources.

Quality writing includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and correctness. As writers we should strive for the best original writing as possible, not a copy and paste approach to writing as seen on the internet.

Having read over 100 books for review, there books that make me wonder whom and how books are published needing editing. As a reviewer, I will not give five stars to any book in need of editing.

Just to let you know something about me, I edited Jihad Genocide for the author; I have also edited other manuscripts, proofread books, copy edited, and act as an acquisitions editor for a publisher. 

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